I’ve been posting a drawing a day on Instagram on #sbsadrawingaday.  Sketchbook school published a list of words, one for each day, as “prompts”…it’s fun and I joined in mid-month…some of the words are hard to visualize, but that requires thinking of a different sort…lbpuuI think I can make it through the month!!  Take a look…”

Howard is my brother and on day two of his visit, hilariously using our iPhones to suggest simple sentences which we then drew, we wondered why we never did this as kids…ah well…time to draw.

It began with me asking Siri for a simple sentence..

Bon 15

and then How…

How 10



Bon 13

Bon 11

and then Howard got really funny… (“Somebody else carries on.”)

How 11

“Joe waited for the train.”

How 12

How 13

…my pallid response…

Bon 12

and then, I’m sad to say, Howard and Amy jumped into the car to go to the airplane to head back east where the dialog will continue from afar…

last drawings

Bye How.  xxoo

Howard was here for three days and we had intermittent fun drawing in a free-associative way…He started off by making a little drawing on some scratch paper…


and on day one we started our riff off a title of a piece he saw in my studio “Little House in the Big Wood”

Bon 8

Bon 7

How said…

How 1

and then…

How 2

and I said…

Bon 3

Bon 6

and then How chimed in with…

How 3

How 4

to which I answered…

Bon 5


Bon 4

and How had the last words…

How 5

How 6

How 9

Having veered pretty far afield he changed the subject saying…

How 7

so I said…

Bon 1

and then…

Bon 10

How 8

Bon 9

and that’s when we knew it was time to make dinner…so ended Day One!




Step one complete. Not sure what step two will look like yet, but working on it.


Time to return to reality after family, fun, rest…but maybe I’ll just post my holiday musings, drawing wise, for the record…

ho ho ho

Santa 2


drawing 1 (1)

detail tulips

drawing 2

drawing 3

Happy New Year!



December 20, 2015

Last Saturday Salem Sketchers met at Archive coffee for an hour of drawing…easy for me because I’ve been drawing my coffee for YEARS!!




Well I have been wanting to do this for quite a while, and this afternoon, I finally got a little bit done. These guys are all competing in our usual Saturday afternoon tournament.

I know that this looks a bit like hear-no/speak-no/see-no, but chess players really do assume the most amazing contortions as they reflect on the unfolding action of the game. When one is in the middle of things, I think the building could collapse and no one would notice. So these gyrations are unselfconscious, and an authentic description of “lost-in-thought.”

I suspect more to follow – I need to take my paint box with me next time.




I haven’t taken a crack at drawing people for quite a long while, but I had a great time this afternoon. More to come.

I’ve had fun with Sketchbook.com over the last several years, but it has run it’s course for me I think.  Here is the last of the “Map of the Table” books…sent off last week…hope somebody looks at it on tour this summer…I carried this one around so long the duct-tape cover looks pretty scruffy…so be it…

DB cover

DB title page

DB Black Dot

DB 7-24

DB 7-31-14

DB deviled eggs

DB Bill Souder

DB 10-9-14

DB Adam Stennet

DB 9-20-14

DB 1-1-15

DB 1-2-15

DB 1-3-15

DB loser

DB 3-25-15



I’m going through some old drawings, pulling some out to show, finishing a couple…and it’s fun to work on a drawing I started 35 years ago…

kitchen view

"The Masked Woman Draws herself"

drawing board...

"my House"

"door view"

2 drawings