“Selfie With George”


“Things Inside of Things”

“Socially Distant Drawing”


“Mother’s Day”

Imagined conversation #3


“An Actual Conversation”

“Eating myself alive, week seven”. 4/27/20

I’m making a series of drawings I’m calling the Corona Series.  Number 1 was the last drawing I made at my AIR at Bush Barn Art Center at the end of March, 2020.  The other drawings have been made at home on the dining room table.  Each drawing is a part of one day at home.  My intent is to keep drawing everyday until I run out of paper.  All drawings are 18X24″.  Most are ink with colored pencil.


Corona #1, “Oh This Life We Live”


Corona #2, “Morning Mourning”


Corona #3, “Everything Inside a Thinking Head”


Corona #4, “Morning Coloring”


Corona # 5, “Bee Box”


Corona #6, “Distance”


Corona #7, “Maps”


Corona #8, “I Want it to Go on Forever”


Corona #9, “Missing Conversation”


Corona #10, “Floating Bits of Code”


Corona #11, “Basic Elements


Corona #12, “The Germ of an Idea”


Corona #13, (“With Mary and Linda”)


Corona #14, “Just Thinking about Virus”


Corona #15


Corona #16, “Home Schooling”


Corona #17, “Imagined Conversation #1”


Corona #18, “We May Be in the Weeds”


Corona #19, “Imagined Conversation #2

Last night I won my game, and tied for the class championship in our five-round five-week club tournament. But I lost the brass ring on tie-breaks. Rats! But good job, in any event.

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