While in Rochester this weekend, we saw a bunch of old preservation pals, and Amy had a chance to ask further about where she could donate the blueprints she has of the house she grew up in. It turns out that the house was designed by a pretty well known Rochester firm, Hutchinson and Cutler, in 1916. Her folks, the second owners, got the house in 1939. Here’s a few views of the house drawings.


This is the front elevation of 189 East Parkway. One of the things I have always loved most about this house is its wonderfully odd roof line.


A nice, simple floor plan. It’s a pretty small house.


A view of the back of the house. Note the ‘Veronica Lake’ roofline.

When Amy was growing up, her bedroom was the Juliet porch at the upper left of this drawing, which her father converted to a ‘sleeping porch.’  He enclosed it with windows, but the room was never heated. Maybe that explains our thermostat wars here on D Street….

We hope we’ve found a home for the drawings. We drove by the house the other day, and it still looks just like the drawings, mostly. Sweet.