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A bunch of us from the Design Center spent a portion of the day Saturday in Lima (as usual in upstate New York, a weird pronunciation: Lime-a), a town about 20 miles south of Rochester. We were there to examine the State Route 15a corridor as it enters the village, and to devise a variety of means to improve the roadway, the land uses, the design of private developments, and the connections needed along the corridor and into the village.

Route 15a as it enters Lima is a most unusual roadway. On one side it is zoned for agricultural uses, and features some amazing views across the abutting farm land. On the other, the corridor is home to number of kinds of development – a community college, a diner, a manufacturing business, a Dollar General.

Thus the drawing – one side of the road, I observed for my team, was Abbott (Agriculture side), and the other side was Costello (Commercial side).

Another view of the day’s work looked like this:

003 (640x480)

All in a day’s work.