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Another swing….

Lutyens Delhi (2)

If we were to ever visit New Delhi, we would want to be sure and see the Viceroy’s House, the last grand gesture of the sputtering Raj, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. I am looking into this possibility.

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So here is what’s on tap for today:

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Okay How…I’ll have to go draw some buildings today~!  Here’s a newish one of that lighthouse…Yaquina Head…

I am not sure where this is, or what this is, but here it is.

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The dialog continues…East today:

and West:

I’ve been posting a drawing a day on Instagram on #sbsadrawingaday.  Sketchbook school published a list of words, one for each day, as “prompts”…it’s fun and I joined in mid-month…some of the words are hard to visualize, but that requires thinking of a different sort…lbpuuI think I can make it through the month!!  Take a look…”