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“Selfie With George”


“Things Inside of Things”

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“Mother’s Day”


“An Actual Conversation”

I’m making a series of drawings I’m calling the Corona Series.  Number 1 was the last drawing I made at my AIR at Bush Barn Art Center at the end of March, 2020.  The other drawings have been made at home on the dining room table.  Each drawing is a part of one day at home.  My intent is to keep drawing everyday until I run out of paper.  All drawings are 18X24″.  Most are ink with colored pencil.


Corona #1, “Oh This Life We Live”


Corona #2, “Morning Mourning”


Corona #3, “Everything Inside a Thinking Head”


Corona #4, “Morning Coloring”


Corona # 5, “Bee Box”


Corona #6, “Distance”


Corona #7, “Maps”


Corona #8, “I Want it to Go on Forever”


Corona #9, “Missing Conversation”


Corona #10, “Floating Bits of Code”


Corona #11, “Basic Elements


Corona #12, “The Germ of an Idea”


Corona #13, (“With Mary and Linda”)


Corona #14, “Just Thinking about Virus”


Corona #15


Corona #16, “Home Schooling”


Corona #17, “Imagined Conversation #1”


Corona #18, “We May Be in the Weeds”


Corona #19, “Imagined Conversation #2

Okay How…I’ll have to go draw some buildings today~!  Here’s a newish one of that lighthouse…Yaquina Head…

The dialog continues…East today:

and West:

Howard is my brother and on day two of his visit, hilariously using our iPhones to suggest simple sentences which we then drew, we wondered why we never did this as kids…ah well…time to draw.

It began with me asking Siri for a simple sentence..

Bon 15

and then How…

How 10



Bon 13

Bon 11

and then Howard got really funny… (“Somebody else carries on.”)

How 11

“Joe waited for the train.”

How 12

How 13

…my pallid response…

Bon 12

and then, I’m sad to say, Howard and Amy jumped into the car to go to the airplane to head back east where the dialog will continue from afar…

last drawings

Bye How.  xxoo

Howard was here for three days and we had intermittent fun drawing in a free-associative way…He started off by making a little drawing on some scratch paper…


and on day one we started our riff off a title of a piece he saw in my studio “Little House in the Big Wood”

Bon 8

Bon 7

How said…

How 1

and then…

How 2

and I said…

Bon 3

Bon 6

and then How chimed in with…

How 3

How 4

to which I answered…

Bon 5


Bon 4

and How had the last words…

How 5

How 6

How 9

Having veered pretty far afield he changed the subject saying…

How 7

so I said…

Bon 1

and then…

Bon 10

How 8

Bon 9

and that’s when we knew it was time to make dinner…so ended Day One!